What I’m Thinking About

Given what’s happening in the world right now, you may be experiencing a range of personal thoughts and emotions from… 

  • I am experiencing fear around income/certainty/stability/debt…what if?
  • My business/career is taking a hit…What? How? Where?
  • I’m working more than ever…how will I get it all done?
  • Wow, a break…life was going too fast anyway!

This time is pushing many people to face more uncertainty and for some, their greatest fears. It’s also a time where many are beginning to see that the path forward is not to “fix” the outside world, but to turn within and fix the world inside of themselves.

I’ll be teaching a Meditation For Busy Professionals class this week, where we’ll talk about…

  • What exactly is meditation? Is it the same as mindfulness?
  • Why meditate?
  • What “technique” is the best?
  • How to develop a consistent meditation practice?
  • How to know you’re doing it “right”?
  • Different types of meditation
  • Tools that can help you embrace meditation easier
  • A look at what ongoing meditation does to you..be warned!

Date: Thursday, May 28, 2020

Time: 11am CST

Location: Register at https://lifeawakened.com/meditation/

There is nothing to buy…just teaching what I’ve learned over the last 10+ years of daily meditation, while running my businesses and raising a family. 

…If you’ve thought about meditation or mindfulness..

…Or perhaps, have started a practice and want guidance..

…Or you’re simply tired of being at the mercy of your racing mind or emotions..

Then, I encourage you to join me this Thursday.